Local Saturdate. 

Making date nights easier. 

Round one.

Tapas + ambiance = great conversations. Start your night with sangria’s in this cozy modern Spanish interiors restaurant.

Gorliz: tapas + vinos | located at the latest addition commercial arcade – streetscape. Wine and dine in such a unique spot in the heart of Cebu city.  The interiors: modern eclectic Spanish design. 

Your eyes gravitate to the eye candy wall of handpainted floor to ceiling tile. Open kitchen layout surrounded by a combination of wood, brick and exposed caged wine display. The seating: leather tucked & tufted, definitely first world design trends.

Could be romantic, or simply casual for a first date. You initially forget you are dining in Cebu! 

The food

1. Guava jelly + manchego cheese (what an amazing refreshing combination) 

2.  Tapas! Tapas! & more tapas: one of the most flavorful mixes I’ve tasted. Definitely Spanish food at its best. 

3. Arugula + jamon, oranges, tomato, manchego w/ sherry vinaigrette- fresh crispy goodness! 


What’s Spanish cuisine without Paella? It was cooked to perfection! The flavors simply infused together making you crave for more.  

 Dinner was perfect! Nothing like feeling in Spain in a small city like Cebu. 

Round two

Date night is not complete without a night cap. 

What about art + locally crafted beer for a change ? This was the flight of testers at the “Cebu brewing company”   My personal favorite is the mango + blueberry ale. Brewed to perfection. Sweet and flavorful! A perfect girly beer. 

The flavorsRaspberry + almond + mango + blueberry + hazelnut + bitter & amber ale.   A perfect size flight for only php 150! ($4) 
Complete your night & stroll around upstairs while you enjoy the local artist work at Qube gallery– crossroads.   

It’s always a fun night when you put culture and art, food + design. Something different to take your mind away from the busy week you had.

One of the paintings that captured my attention, and described my mood last night.

This. A Saturday date night must do experience. 



The photo speaks for itself.   

Not exactly a place you would expect in the middle of the buzzling highway of Mandaue city-Cebu. This is a perfect Friday night getaway.

Don’t wear heels“- that was the message I received before hand. The five flights up was worth the walk after the 4 course meal prepared by THE LAZY CHEF. 

The appetizer: 

1. Kale & broccolea yogurt dip with soaked bread. -a fun way to enjoy a healthy appetizer.

2. Kairos garden salad: organic veggies– what a refreshing delight in your palette. Fresh crunchy salad- just the right portion for your greens of the day. 


The main course: 

Mushroom sisig on top of brown rice served with a soft boiled egg! Eating healthy has never been so enjoyable. 

I’ve been a peschetarian for 8 years now, and this meal really reminded me on why I don’t need meat in my life anymore. 

The dessert: 

Truly not a big fan of sweets. But take a look at these babies. 

1. Vegan lemon cheesecake! – yes, sounds a bit too healthy. But this was such a delight. Biting into layers of compact goodness with a hint of lemon and poppy seed= perfection! 


2. Not your ordinary blue berry cheesecake: yogurt base instead! Fun fun way to use this as an alternative to a healthy dessert. Not too sweet at all.   

Burp! Now For the ambiance and details. While I enjoyed my food I was also fascinated by the design and creative things around me. 

 Interior + design – vintage distressed, industrial chic
Everything was photogenic! Every corner of this roof top was well thought out. From the separation of the wall treatments of brick and the textures of the secret doors. 

This place is every designers perfect Pinterest board in life size! -truly inspiring and made from the heart. ❤

This is where you want to be. Under the stars looking up at the sky – enjoying life.   
To the Lazy Chef = thanks for helping me leave my problems out the door

Girls night out. 

JOSE! Johnny! JACK! Jim! – all the big J’s in life brought out the party last night. Dirty feet in bed + sore throat in the morning = you know it was a good night. 

The drinks parade at the + politics, escario central!      

There’s never a better feeling letting your hair down and dancing the night away after a few sips of my favorite kryptonite. 

The breakfast club.

7am on a Monday morning- the hardest time of the week to get out of bed. Today I wanted to try something different from the usual Monday morning routine. Headed to Abaca Baking Company to get a kick of their morning specials.

What’s for breakfast ? Unlimited coffee + fruit Danish + cozy interiors. 


The Danish– the perfect combination of crispy dough of fruits with cream. Definitely crafted to perfection. It’s a party in my palatte.

The interiors– a nice touch of rustic, artsy design. Combining mix matched furniture pieces to compliment the natural use of elements such as wood, stone and exposed ceilings. The use of hanging lightbulb lighting (this year’s trend) adds a warm cozy feel to the interior emphasizing on the local artist paintings on the wall.


Sipping on warm free flowing coffee, listening to the acoustic soundtrack of Sam Smith.

A must do on a Monday morning. 

the prelude.

it dawned upon me- where do i put all these extra thoughts & words on my mind? Initially i thought, having it up on Facebook, twitter, instagram, or even snapchat could really get my posts liked, commented & talked about…. How about my worse fear- misinterpreted.

So this is how i came & decided to blog. I have to admit, im not good with words, and writing is definitely not my strength. As i keep getting to know myself more, i realize i have to overcome some fears to feel more accomplished. Public speaking, writing and getting it read, and simply sharing things that i’ve encountered in life = petrifying. However, i need to overcome my fears, today i decided i would like to share with everyone.

Do you know that feeling when you are experiencing something so amazing and seeing it with your own eyes, but the camera cannot capture the same effect of how you really see things? I wanted an avenue to share the things that i get to see and capture- whether it be travel, design, food, culture and the other amazing things that catches my eye.

This is a glimpse of my life. A small town girl from Cebu City, Philippines- showing you what you might be missing out on, one blog, one photo at a time.

11329790_10153889385117678_262284020837286791_n                                                                                                                                                            –miami florida 2015