the prelude.

it dawned upon me- where do i put all these extra thoughts & words on my mind? Initially i thought, having it up on Facebook, twitter, instagram, or even snapchat could really get my posts liked, commented & talked about…. How about my worse fear- misinterpreted.

So this is how i came & decided to blog. I have to admit, im not good with words, and writing is definitely not my strength. As i keep getting to know myself more, i realize i have to overcome some fears to feel more accomplished. Public speaking, writing and getting it read, and simply sharing things that i’ve encountered in life = petrifying. However, i need to overcome my fears, today i decided i would like to share with everyone.

Do you know that feeling when you are experiencing something so amazing and seeing it with your own eyes, but the camera cannot capture the same effect of how you really see things? I wanted an avenue to share the things that i get to see and capture- whether it be travel, design, food, culture and the other amazing things that catches my eye.

This is a glimpse of my life. A small town girl from Cebu City, Philippines- showing you what you might be missing out on, one blog, one photo at a time.

11329790_10153889385117678_262284020837286791_n                                                                                                                                                            –miami florida 2015


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