Girls who eat. 🐷🐽

It’s one thing to say girls pick salads on first dates. Or, they choose the tiniest thing on the menu. Wrong! Not this bunch. 

Breakfast is our favorite meal of the day, and this is how we share it together. 

Pig and palm’s breakfast menu: the new hip spot in town. As simple as waffles with bacon and scrambled eggs on toast, that’s all we really need.

Definitely not ur regular “Filipino” breakfast. But you wouldn’t even think you are dining in Cebu. 

The interiors: 

Warm and cozy. This fusion mix of castle like walls with the wood contrast against open floor to ceiling glass partitions, and walls they divided and called communals, make the place a little bit more interesting.

Here’s the catch! This amazing avocado toast with poached eggs, topped with chili flakes! 

It was a done deal! Not many places in Cebu does avocado as a savory dish! And I’m sure glad they do over here. 

Oh breakfast! Always enjoy your favorite meal with good company. ✌🏼️


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