Bangkok bliss. 

There’s a little charm in this city! I’ve been here multiple times but every visit has always been different. 

Food, Spices, views & aroma! Everything around you tickles your senses. 

Arriving in Bangkok: you need to start with authentic Thai food.Yum to all the spices! It’s like a party in your tummy. But what makes you’re Thailand food trip a more exciting one ? 

STREET FOOD!!! 5 baht! 10 baht! The best part tho! Thai fruits!!! And coconut ice cream! 🍎🍐🍋🍊🍨🍨Now for some culture! Making our way to the Kings palace where the thailanders mourn for their kings death, it seemed more like a celebration of his life. 

We headed towards this place called: SALA Rattanakosin where we caught the view of the palace of dawnA nice place to catch the views and sunset. Let’s talk a bit about the interiors. 

Modern, sleek, rustic. A very nice contrast from the traditional Thai views. They used exposed concrete finishes and bricks against wooden panels and high gloss reflective wall panels. – a very comfortable space to sit back and unwind. Temple run! Facinating details in these temples. Such rich vibrant intricacy. Evening escape! Dine at Thai fusion cuisine Naamsah! – hyper chic restored ancestral home interior with prints and bold colors, this place plays with all your senses. Do not mess with a place that hangs feather boas as the center lighting piece! Cap your night at one of bangkoks rooftop bars- LEBUA! The place where hangover 2 was filmed. There’s so much more to see in this amazing city. Just the lack of time. Kap kun kap! 


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