Brunch & Cake

Here’s two words that I love. BRUNCH + CAKE

This cute brunch spot located in the center of Barcelona just won my heart ❤️. (Carrer d’Enric Granados) 

Design: This modern shabby chic place used interesting design trends to maximize their limited space. Including this unique outdoor seating wall style. 🖕🏻This being my first post in 🇪🇸 Barcelona means I probably really enjoyed this instagrammable spot and the artistic #foodgasm.  

Quinoa burgers, smoked salmon with mango chia seeds. Hummus, feta cheese and avocados. Ricotta cheese pancakes! 

Such simple eats prepared in such an artistic way to match this eclectic city. 🍰 Despite the “lazy Sunday” vibe this city gives while everything is closed. This is definitely a must do on a Sunday morning. ❤️❤️


Coffee please ? 

Breakfast is more than just the coffee in this household. When girls get together, it’s not just about giggly gossip. We actually eat! 


Thanks to the wonderful preparation of @yogahubjen not only did we go all out today, we went PIG OUT 🐽🐷

CARBS, SUGARS, FAT, PROTEIN, “HEALTHY THINGS”  u name it, we all ate it. 🙈The feels: Serenaded by vintage tunes, we celebrated this cold Saturday morning with warm feels, good company and good vibes. ✨ Styled by: Jennifer Martinez herself, this yogi, mom, wife and life enthusiast has set up what I would have seen in a posh sit down breakfast club. 👌🏼 

But of course this meal would not have been complete without the people who made the experience. 

Now off to Spain. Till we meet again! Thanks guys for your friendship! 

Au Revoir. 😘 


Here’s to the new year! – welcoming 2017! ✨ with the positive mindset of change and creating the best version of yourself and keeping it that way!

Lunch With my favorite booboo @ Anzani Prime. 

You don’t need to be a meat eater to enjoy this place! A 3-course meal: light and complete with a good balance of bursting flavors. 
Starters: grilled zucchini | carrots | sweet potatoes | Rosti stack w/ mulled chic pea.

MAIN DISH: sesame seared tuna (my Anzani favorite) with spinach cannelloni. DESSERT! : vanilla ice cream w/ berry cognac. 🍧🍦 to match this crisp simple design interior. 

Short, sweet, sumptuous lunch! That’s all we need sometimes. 

Always remember to take a step back from your daily routine and enjoy the moment with your favorite people.