Coffee please ? 

Breakfast is more than just the coffee in this household. When girls get together, it’s not just about giggly gossip. We actually eat! 


Thanks to the wonderful preparation of @yogahubjen not only did we go all out today, we went PIG OUT 🐽🐷

CARBS, SUGARS, FAT, PROTEIN, “HEALTHY THINGS”  u name it, we all ate it. 🙈The feels: Serenaded by vintage tunes, we celebrated this cold Saturday morning with warm feels, good company and good vibes. ✨ Styled by: Jennifer Martinez herself, this yogi, mom, wife and life enthusiast has set up what I would have seen in a posh sit down breakfast club. 👌🏼 

But of course this meal would not have been complete without the people who made the experience. 

Now off to Spain. Till we meet again! Thanks guys for your friendship! 

Au Revoir. 😘 


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