Brunch & Cake

Here’s two words that I love. BRUNCH + CAKE

This cute brunch spot located in the center of Barcelona just won my heart ❤️. (Carrer d’Enric Granados) 

Design: This modern shabby chic place used interesting design trends to maximize their limited space. Including this unique outdoor seating wall style. 🖕🏻This being my first post in 🇪🇸 Barcelona means I probably really enjoyed this instagrammable spot and the artistic #foodgasm.  

Quinoa burgers, smoked salmon with mango chia seeds. Hummus, feta cheese and avocados. Ricotta cheese pancakes! 

Such simple eats prepared in such an artistic way to match this eclectic city. 🍰 Despite the “lazy Sunday” vibe this city gives while everything is closed. This is definitely a must do on a Sunday morning. ❤️❤️


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