Vamos a comer! 

When in Spain, forget the word diet. I’m gonna take you on a short food trip to some “tastegasmic” places around town. Just to give u a taste of some of the few spots & enjoy the ambiance &a interiors too. 

Breakfast: CASA CONXITA (Eixample) This small corner restaurant in eixample, rated and talked about by locals has a unique morning vibe to enjoy your cup of coffee. 

The interiors: a very hip/modern interior with wall tiled with mosaic geometric tile contrast with light birch wood and black beam ceiling. 🙌🏻Lunch: CATACROQUET (Pobleneou) 

Walking away from the city center is a little stop in poblenou that has lunch set menus to enjoy. Let’s go Spanish for lunch. – Gambas & “fried” cod fish (bacalao) definitely a must try! 

Interiors: This meal was even more enjoyable because of the rustic interiors in this place. Exposed walls and ceilings with hanging pendant bulbs topped with green fern. Your eyes will continue to wander the whole meal. 

Merienda: GREEN & BERRY (eixample) 

Gotta love this “healthy” food trend. How about a zucchini pasta with pine nuts and sun dried tomatoes, & lemon pesto sauce. 🙃You find the most interesting places hidden behind small interiors. 

Dinner: CIUDAD CONDAL (rambla catalunya) 

Let’s just say it’s one of the more scaled-up tapas bars in town. The tapas was muy perfecto! Not to mention this oh so amazing deep fried Camembert with raspberry sauce. 😧Fried artichokes, patatas bravas, huge gambas! A nice variety of Spanish tapas. 

&I if your still super hungry after the first tapas meal. Head down the street & try this. 

BAR NOLA:  my love for pulpo was definitely satisfied here. Interiors: the typical Spanish “showcase” of the fresh seafood & “acquatic” theme doesn’t make you feel so intimidated. Almost very relaxed and a feel at home. Before I head to more places & forget to share it with you, this is a good start in case you plan to visit soon. 

Bon apitit 😎


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