When in Girona. 

Known for its medieval architecture, Girona has that small town charm with old stone quarters and roman remains also known for the Jewish quarters in Spain. 

When you get to girona best thing to do is explore it by feet. 👣Girona cathedral/ Sant pere de galligants 

Around you: Here you can also find the Onyar river that runs down the city surrounded by brightly painted house facades. On a summer day when the sky reflects the water it’s probably the perfect time to visit. 🌤

While walking around we stumbled across these gothic quarters with typical basilical plans where you can find multiple watch towers and check out the view from up top. On your way back down after watching the sunset you can’t miss this little shop in town called: Montse L’artesana where you can buy churros & enjoy a cup of hot chocolate. A town rich with historical background and architecture and even a night life filled with bars and restaurants bursting with energy. GIRONA: it’s exactly what you see in the movies. 📸


Flax & Kale ðŸƒ

Flaxitarian” is what they call this new healthy lifestyle. This stylish and trendy spot in Barcelona makes you feel that eating healthy is doable. Whipped Coconut creme yogurt fruit bowl and vegan chocolate coco chia bars | avocado toast and their version of scrambled eggs with porchini. 🍃🍐🍳

From food to interiors, this place has it to a tee. This outdoor patio is a perfect place to have your healthy meal. 

There’s something about toilets in Bcn! Check out this super chic bathroom interior, the contrast of white subway tiles and plants! Gotta love that. ✌🏼️Burp, time for a selfie. 😬

Sitges 😍

WHERE– 35 kilometers away from downtown Barcelona there lived a small town called: Sitges.

Located along the Mediterranean Sea, this delightful sea-front promenade is what you would see on the post cards. ☀️☀️Many refer this place as the Saint-Tropez of Spain. On a sunny day it would be perfect to lay out and soak up some sun. A stroll around this small town is a must! You would be surprised what you will stumble upon. 

Church’s, museums, shopping & tapas! You name it they have it.  

Every wanderer must eat! As We stumbled across this rustic modern restaurant by the beach front, I couldn’t help but order a few of my favorite eats 🐽🐷pulpo! Gambas! Hummus & rose wine! (Sigh) I can get used to this. Although it didn’t take much of the day to see the whole town, it was definitely worth the visit. 🙃🙃

When in Barcelona. 

They say BCN 🇪🇸 has one of the best food choices! & im actually starting to believe that.

 Let’s start with something as simple as going to their local mercato (market) and picking from a whole variety of good eats. Welcome to LA BOQUERIA. (In the Philippines, the wet market, the sosyal version of CARBON!) haha 

This is a place to find not just tourists but different type of food selections from fish, meats, tapas, salts, chocolates and even fruits. You just really want to try everything! It’s definitely a must do when your in Barcelona.

Do not miss the local eats! COD fish- bacalao! Mussels & of course- THE PULPO 🐙🐙 Spend your weekday afternoon with a glass of sangria while eating tapas. In this warehouse type interior. Exposed with all the different type of smells. Barcelona you are growing on me everyday. ❤️❤️

Brunch & Cake

Here’s two words that I love. BRUNCH + CAKE

This cute brunch spot located in the center of Barcelona just won my heart ❤️. (Carrer d’Enric Granados) 

Design: This modern shabby chic place used interesting design trends to maximize their limited space. Including this unique outdoor seating wall style. 🖕🏻This being my first post in 🇪🇸 Barcelona means I probably really enjoyed this instagrammable spot and the artistic #foodgasm.  

Quinoa burgers, smoked salmon with mango chia seeds. Hummus, feta cheese and avocados. Ricotta cheese pancakes! 

Such simple eats prepared in such an artistic way to match this eclectic city. 🍰 Despite the “lazy Sunday” vibe this city gives while everything is closed. This is definitely a must do on a Sunday morning. ❤️❤️

Coffee please ? 

Breakfast is more than just the coffee in this household. When girls get together, it’s not just about giggly gossip. We actually eat! 


Thanks to the wonderful preparation of @yogahubjen not only did we go all out today, we went PIG OUT 🐽🐷

CARBS, SUGARS, FAT, PROTEIN, “HEALTHY THINGS”  u name it, we all ate it. 🙈The feels: Serenaded by vintage tunes, we celebrated this cold Saturday morning with warm feels, good company and good vibes. ✨ Styled by: Jennifer Martinez herself, this yogi, mom, wife and life enthusiast has set up what I would have seen in a posh sit down breakfast club. 👌🏼 

But of course this meal would not have been complete without the people who made the experience. 

Now off to Spain. Till we meet again! Thanks guys for your friendship! 

Au Revoir. 😘 


Here’s to the new year! – welcoming 2017! ✨ with the positive mindset of change and creating the best version of yourself and keeping it that way!

Lunch With my favorite booboo @ Anzani Prime. 

You don’t need to be a meat eater to enjoy this place! A 3-course meal: light and complete with a good balance of bursting flavors. 
Starters: grilled zucchini | carrots | sweet potatoes | Rosti stack w/ mulled chic pea.

MAIN DISH: sesame seared tuna (my Anzani favorite) with spinach cannelloni. DESSERT! : vanilla ice cream w/ berry cognac. 🍧🍦 to match this crisp simple design interior. 

Short, sweet, sumptuous lunch! That’s all we need sometimes. 

Always remember to take a step back from your daily routine and enjoy the moment with your favorite people.