El Nacional. 

If u haven’t already been, you’re definitely missing out. The high end “food court” of Barcelona in the heart of the city. (Passeig de gracia)  Where social and cultural life meet, el nacional not only has an inviting atmosphere but traditional recipes prepared in high quality. 

You can pick from 4 different restaurants:La Braseria, La llotja, La taperia, & La Paradeta. Decided on La Taperia for the first stop & I’m glad that I did. This unique dining experience where they have “verbally announced” ala cart options, make u want to stay longer to find out what’s next on the menu. Some of the few things I got to try. Very tasty indeed. 👌🏼 (fried artichokes with honey, seafood paella, olive oil cod fish & tomato bread, to end with a nice orange over orange)

The interiors: for an interior designer to be in a spot like this, it’s Disney land for our eyes. So much detail and thought into each place. From hanging birdhouse lamps to vertical gardens and a warehouse filled with greenery contrasted with much texture, patterns and mosiac tiles! You’re eyes get full before u even start to eat. 😋This is definitely a must see when in barcelona. 🇪🇸