Vamos a Madrid!Β 

Although they say u need more than a week to explore Madrid I tried to squeeze what I could in a weekend. Hop on ave-renfe & let the adventure begin. After a 2.5 train ride from Barcelona, I did not waste time. Got on the hop on hop off bus, it’s the perfect way to see the city. & got off Gran Via to have lunch. Day 01: Eats: Bocaito, stumbled upon this amazing family owned restaurant where heaps of famous people have eaten. I have to say, this was the best paella negra I’ve had. Served with garlic aioli, no wonder Brad Pitt loves it here. 🐽🐷(A few items on the menu: callos, huevos asparagus with truffle, amazing bite size foie gras, & 3 chili spicy appetizer-if ur a chili lover this is a must try) 

Drop by a few of these: Puerta Del Sol (very touristy) Puerta de alcala, Museo Del Prado, Temple of debod. The architecture is beautiful in this city. Watch the sunset at the: ROYAL PALACE (if u get lucky u might find the prince) haha I have a thing for rooftop bars and art. This next stop I found a mixture: go all the way up the CIRCULO DE BELLA’s ARTE’s. Have a happy hour drink before you go off to dinner. 🍸🍹

Mercado de San Miguel!! What’s for dinner ? ? Everything & anything, if u didn’t want to sit down and just eat and keep doing it this it the place to be. (A little pricier and a bit overrated if u ask me-but it’s worth checking out)This super colorful vibrant market tickles every inch of your palette. Day 02: Sunday! Get out of Madrid & see the outskirts. AVILA & SEGOVIA. Where castles and old churches in history lie. 

AVILA: the santa Theresa church. & the largest medieval city wall. Architecture: gothic & Romanesque. SEGOVIA: spains castile & leon region. A small town with rich architectural legacy. & food! (Where suckling pig : lechon! Originated) also Known for the roman acqueduct of more than 160 arches & the former royal palace. The Alcazar of Segovia: castle! Lunch: @ el secreto de San Clemente. Must try the suckling pig 🐷 & the calamari. 

Enjoy the wonderful views of Segovia on a bright sunny day! So now I understand why they say u need more than a week here. This trip was way too short, and there’s so much more to see in this side of Spain. But until then. 

Back to BCN for now. ✌🏼


Vamos a comer!Β 

When in Spain, forget the word diet. I’m gonna take you on a short food trip to some “tastegasmic” places around town. Just to give u a taste of some of the few spots & enjoy the ambiance &a interiors too. 

Breakfast: CASA CONXITA (Eixample) This small corner restaurant in eixample, rated and talked about by locals has a unique morning vibe to enjoy your cup of coffee. 

The interiors: a very hip/modern interior with wall tiled with mosaic geometric tile contrast with light birch wood and black beam ceiling. πŸ™ŒπŸ»Lunch: CATACROQUET (Pobleneou) 

Walking away from the city center is a little stop in poblenou that has lunch set menus to enjoy. Let’s go Spanish for lunch. – Gambas & “fried” cod fish (bacalao) definitely a must try! 

Interiors: This meal was even more enjoyable because of the rustic interiors in this place. Exposed walls and ceilings with hanging pendant bulbs topped with green fern. Your eyes will continue to wander the whole meal. 

Merienda: GREEN & BERRY (eixample) 

Gotta love this “healthy” food trend. How about a zucchini pasta with pine nuts and sun dried tomatoes, & lemon pesto sauce. πŸ™ƒYou find the most interesting places hidden behind small interiors. 

Dinner: CIUDAD CONDAL (rambla catalunya) 

Let’s just say it’s one of the more scaled-up tapas bars in town. The tapas was muy perfecto! Not to mention this oh so amazing deep fried Camembert with raspberry sauce. 😧Fried artichokes, patatas bravas, huge gambas! A nice variety of Spanish tapas. 

&I if your still super hungry after the first tapas meal. Head down the street & try this. 

BAR NOLA:  my love for pulpo was definitely satisfied here. Interiors: the typical Spanish “showcase” of the fresh seafood & “acquatic” theme doesn’t make you feel so intimidated. Almost very relaxed and a feel at home. Before I head to more places & forget to share it with you, this is a good start in case you plan to visit soon. 

Bon apitit 😎

When in Girona.Β 

Known for its medieval architecture, Girona has that small town charm with old stone quarters and roman remains also known for the Jewish quarters in Spain. 

When you get to girona best thing to do is explore it by feet. πŸ‘£Girona cathedral/ Sant pere de galligants 

Around you: Here you can also find the Onyar river that runs down the city surrounded by brightly painted house facades. On a summer day when the sky reflects the water it’s probably the perfect time to visit. 🌀

While walking around we stumbled across these gothic quarters with typical basilical plans where you can find multiple watch towers and check out the view from up top. On your way back down after watching the sunset you can’t miss this little shop in town called: Montse L’artesana where you can buy churros & enjoy a cup of hot chocolate. A town rich with historical background and architecture and even a night life filled with bars and restaurants bursting with energy. GIRONA: it’s exactly what you see in the movies. πŸ“Έ